Why does Nua-Nea risk death to reach Vinson 5?
Tony and Bea are sent to find out.

On Didgery 2, the Land People and the Sea People have agreed to live in peace, but the Land People are blocking the bays where the Sea People live.  The Sea People are so desperate that one of them, Nua-Nea, goes for help, although he knows the transporter trip will be very dangerous.Simon is taking Tony and Bea home to Earth after their mission on Xavu 6.  They are in the transporter corridor on Vinson 5 when Nua-Nea staggers out of the Didgery 2 transporter.  Simon is sent to Didgery 2 to investigate.  He can’t leave Tony and Bea, so he has to take them with him.

Length : 61 900 words.