Why does the Kyni 9 leader want to buy sixteen thousand fenceposts?
Augustus doesn’t care, but Tony is suspicious.

As part of their training, Bea and Tony are sent to Kyni 9 with a stodgy old Negotiator called Augustus.  The Kyni 9 leader wants to buy sixteen thousand fenceposts, and it’s Augustus’s job to arrange the deal.  Tony doesn’t trust the Kyni 9 leader, and he can’t understand how she can possibly use sixteen thousand fenceposts.  When he sneaks away to speak to a frightened young servant, that starts the trouble.  By the time Tony discovers why the Kyni 9 leader wants the fenceposts, he is lost on Kyni 9. Augustus orders Bea not to look for him, but she has other ideas….

Length : 57 700 words.