Beatrice Harrison

sex : female.
age : 11.
native planet : Sol 3.
That’s the Bean, my cousin, a Troubleshooter.

Her full name is Beatrice Jane Harrison.  She hates being called Beatrice.  Only her dad calls her that.  She likes being called Bea, and that’s her official Federation name, but I’ve called her the Bean since I was a toddler.

She was always polite to me, but never maty.  I thought that, like her dad, she was the fussy type, who didn’t approve of me. Then she was glutinous enough to be in Granny Harrison’s lift with me when I accidentally pressed the code that took us down to the secret Earth base of the Galactic Federation.

Since then, we’ve worked together on a lot of missions, and I’ve grown to  like her.  I mean – like her as a mate, not fancy her as a girl.  I think she likes me now, but, like her dad, she sometimes gets impatient with me.

She’s a skinny girl, with a thin face.  Her mousy-coloured hair was long during our first two missions, but she had it cut to collar length before we started our training.

She doesn’t boast about it, but she’s brainy, and her brains have got us out of trouble on more than one mission.  Her rank is usually higher than mine.  I don’t like that, but I can’t deny she deserves it.

She’s fitter now than she was on that day in the lift, mainly because she’s more active.  She keeps saying she should exercise between missions, but she never seems to get round to it.

When she’s made up her mind about something, she speaks in a prim voice that reminds me of her dad.  When I hear that voice, I stop arguing, because I know I won’t change her mind: all I’ll do is get a telling off.

She’s shy.  When we visit planets, we’re often expected to go to ceremonies, make speeches, and even take part in games.  The Bean’s rank is higher than mine, so she should do these things, but I know how much she hates that, so I usually do them.  I also usually do our mission reports.

She likes animals.  She rescued a frong on our first mission.  See Report 1.  On Elevan 5, when the leader suggested we should kill a dangerous animal:  “We will not kill it,”  said the Bean in the snippy voice she uses when she’s annoyed.  “Federation rules say that animals should not be killed – and I agree with them.” See Report 46.