sex : male.
age : about 40, but that’s a guess.
native planet : unknown.
Cabac is the assistant of Zacchaeus, the Sector 17 membership officer.

Grenville told the Bean and Hais about them.  “Zacchaeus is the Federation’s membership officer.  Just ‘cos he’s got a title, he thinks he’s king of the Galaxy.  Stuck-up little….  Apologies, ladies.  Cabac’s his assistant.  He’s a gent.” Grenville, in the Bean’s Report F.

The Bean and Hais went to see Cabac.  Cabac’s office had the usual U of seats facing Victor’s screen.  Standing on the command chair was Zacchaeus’s assistant, Cabac.  His body was a short cylinder with four stumpy legs.  They could bend in all directions, so I suspected they didn’t have bones; they were more like thick tentacles.  His arms, four of them, higher on the cylinder, were certainly more like tentacles – long and bendy, forking into three fingers at the ends.  Above them were four eyes, one looking in each direction.  The top of his body, the part we could see, was dark brown and leathery.  The rest was hidden in an Administrator’s uniform, with its purple band round the middle, saying,  “Cabac  585,”  in Federation letters and numbers.  His mind signal was weak, but I was relieved to sense he was kind. See the Bean’s Report F.