sex : male.
age : 37.
native planet : Sol 3.
Cavine is the assistant commander of the Earth base of the Galactic Federation.

When the Bean and I accidentally discovered the base, Cavine ‘welcomed’ us – with a crutch in one hand and a stun-gun in the other.  See Report 1.

I keep meaning to ask him how he chose his name.  It sounds like ‘Kavin.’  His second name must be McLeod, because that’s the second name of his wife, Fiona, and his daughter, Cirrus.

He’s a small man, with a thin face, and an accent that shows he comes from the west of Scotland – near Oban, I think.  When he’s in commander mode, he’s serious, but, when he relaxes, he’s good fun.

Simon persuaded Cavine to pretend to be a Federation leader, to impress Zabocko, the bossy queen of the Land People of Didgery 2.  Cavine was dumb enough to agree, and he was sorry he did.  See Report 2.

When crooks stunned our families, and snatched the Bean, Cavine helped me to sort things out.  See Report 11.

When Fiona, Cavine’s wife, went missing in Arc 89, we met Cavine on Veli Veli 2, where he’d gone to look for her.  See Report 35.