sex : female.
age : 12.
native planet : Dancer 61.
Chip is now a Troubleshooter.

We met Chip and her family on our first mission to Dancer 61. We were with Loo Brush, the cruel leader, watching a footie practice.  Chip, one of the team captains, asked us to play – so that she could slip me a note, begging for help.  See Report 6.

We’ve met all of Chip’s family – her dad (Thaud), her mum (Wooth), her older brother (Royne), her younger sister (Hais), and her little brother (Yeff).

Like all Dancer 61 natives, Chip has shiny dark brown skin, with a hint of red.  Her hair is dark, but not black.  Like her mum, she’s stocky, with a round face.

This was our first proper meeting with Chip.  After a short time, Chip’s shivering stopped, and the fright in her mind was replaced by another feeling.  She fancied me!
That had happened before.  Not on Earth.  If the girls at home fancied me, they kept it well hidden.  On an earlier mission, a girl fancied me a bit, probably because I was a stranger from space.  Chip’s feelings were stronger.  She loved hugging me.
I stood, dazed by the strength of her emotion – and enjoying it – until I saw the Bean’s face.  She was sensing Chip’s feelings too, and she wasn’t enjoying it. See Report 6.

The Bean and I went with Chip’s family to Dr Darque’s Federation Challenge Centre on Oo-Olli 10.  Chip tried to tell us Dr Darque was a crook.  We laughed at her.  Then she disappeared.  See Report 9.

Chip and Hais came for a holiday with us at home in Scotland.  We went for a walk in the country, and met an Asian man.  Chip told us he was a crook.  This time, we did a bit of checking, and discovered a terrorist plot.  See Report 12.

I had a weird adventure at Chip’s birthday party on Eeree 3.  See Report 18.

Chip’s the bouncy type.  She gets on the Bean’s nerves, so the Bean tries to keep away from her.  The Bean wasn’t happy when she and Chip were sent to investigate theft from a farm on Galling 12.  See Report 25.