Chyne 2

I should say first that the ‘ch’ in ‘Chyne’ sounds the same as in Scottish ‘loch.’

Fliv, a native, took me to Chyne 2.  We went outside, to a sun so bright that I wished I’d brought sunspecs, and so hot that it seemed to scorch me through my uniform. See Report 41.

A long road stretched straight into the distance, smoother and whiter than concrete.  The buildings, made of the same stuff, were high, long and narrow, with rows of windows in the sides, and an arched entrance in the end, facing the road.  Between them were grassy spaces, dotted with bushy trees – fresh green despite the heat. See Report 41.

The people lived in these buildings.  He took me through the arch, into a building on the left.  A wide ramp ran up the middle, leading to balconies at each level on each side.  We walked up the ramp, onto the balcony at level 5, which seemed to stretch forever in each direction, with door after door leading off.  Each had two squiggles on it – the number in Chyne 2 writing. See Report 41.

While I was on Chyne 2, I met lots of natives, but only learned the names of three – Fliv, Csam and Druc.