control unit

This is a grey cylinder about 6 centimetres in diameter, and 8 centimetres long.  It contains a computer brain.  A Carrington has a control unit.  If you put a control unit in a control column, it will drive a tractor, a scooter or a pegasus for you.

I used a control unit in a scooter and a pegasus during my visit to the Zejets works on Obegon 4.  See Report H.

Rich people have houses in the forest on the planet Yband 3.  To reach Yband 3, you take a transporter from Yband 4.  Beside the transporter on Yband 3, there’s a big car park, where the rich people leave the tractors which take them along the earth roads to their houses.When we go to Wellington’s house, he doesn’t let us use his tractor, so we have to walk.  It’s pleasant enough, but it takes about half an hour.  When Hais and I went to visit Snale, he let us use his tractor.  Its control column has a control unit which knows the way to Snale’s house.  We only had to order,  “Take us to Snale’s house,”  then relax, and enjoy the ride.