Dancer 61

Hais said:  “My planet, Dancer 61, had quite a simple civilisation until we joined the Federation.  It has brought many benefits, but it has also brought problems.” Hais, in the Bean’s Report F.

This is how I met my first native of Dancer 61.  The Dancer 61 transporter door opened – and the agony hit my mind.  A boy staggered out, gasping noisily, while his mind screamed with pain.  My brain couldn’t stand it.  I sank onto the seat on the other side of the corridor, covering my face with my hands. See Report 6.

That was Royne.  We were sent to Dancer 61, where we met Royne’s younger sisters, Chip and Hais, his little brother, Yeff, their mother (Wooth) and their father (Thaud).  See Report 6.

During that mission, we made friends with Chip and Hais, so we’ve been back to Dancer 61, to visit them.  We met Zeem, who, like Hais, plays for the planet’s footie team in the interplanetary league.  The Bean’s also met Zeem’s dad, Jang.