sex : male.
age : he looked about 30.
native planet : unknown.
Foofoffo was the god of Naian’s tribe on Wotzit 4.

The Bean asked,  “How did your people know Foofoffo was a god?”
Naian said,  “By his wise words and his kind deeds.  He taught us to help other people.  He showed the wisdom of his teachings by following them himself.”
“What did he do?”
“He helped everyone.  Everyone.  A farmer fell ill at harvest time.  He couldn’t gather his crops, so he and his family would have starved.  Foofoffo harvested all his fields – twelve of them – alone, in one day.”
“In one day,”  said the Bean.  “He must have been strong.”
“He was – and brave.  A little girl wandered into the woods, and was attacked by two wollions.  Not one, but two.  Foofoffo heard her screams, and rescued her, driving off the wollions with his bare hands.”  His mind swelled with his pride in Foofoffo’s bravery.  See Report 10.

When Foofoffo left, the people made shrines to him.  We saw one. It was like a bare garage, with brown mats on the concrete floor and, on the end wall, the life-sized painting of a young man.  He was tall, with a confident smile.  To the left of the picture was the upside-down triangle, big and black.  I ran over for a closer look.  The paint was fresh and bright. See Report 10.