sex : male.
age : unknown.
native planet : unknown.
G-Zh-N was our guide in the Ixi Ixo 9 caves.

Would you call G-Zh-N human-like?  His body was about the same size as mine, but the shape of a packet of cornflakes (with rounded edges).  At each end of the bottom was a leg which was shorter and thicker than mine.  At each end of the top was an arm which was much longer than mine.  And bendy: I don’t think he had bones.
He had no head, and no eyes.  He sensed his surroundings like a bat, using ultrasonic rays.  Since he could find his way in complete darkness, he was a good guide for exploring underground.  Standing at the bottom of the slope, he squirmed a bit, using his ultrasonic sensors, through the slots in his suit round the top of his body.  Then he climbed using his hands and feet.  He looked clumsy, but he romped up that rock. See Report 54.