sex : male.
age : about 35.
native planet : looks like a white European.
Galileo is a Scientist, an expert on transporters.

This is how we first met him.  In the afternoon, Martin took the Bean and me to the Cooco 8 transporter where we found a tubby little man whose uniform had the white bands of a Scientist.  Martin said,  “Tony, this is Galileo, an expert on transporters.” See Report 19.

He was rude to us then, and rude again to the Bean and Hais when they went to ask him about working with a survey team.  We found Galileo in Lab 2-17, a square room with a bench along one wall, littered with tools and bits of metal.  He was a small man, not much taller than me, but fat and balding.  He was pottering around the metal shell of a transporter, in the middle of the room. See the Bean’s Report F.