sex : female.
age : 11.
native planet : Dancer 61.
Hais is a Troubleshooter.

On our first Dancer 61 mission, I joined in a friendly game of footie, and got totally outclassed by a skinny little girl.  We found out later that she was Chip’s young sister, Hais.  See Report 6.

We’ve met all of Hais’s family – her dad (Thaud), her mum (Wooth), her big brother (Royne), her big sister (Chip), and her little brother (Yeff).

Like all Dancer 61 natives, Hais has bright brown skin, with a hint of red.  Her hair is dark, but not black.  Like her dad, she’s slim, with a thin face.

Hais is the Bean’s best friend in the Federation.  Like the Bean, Hais is brainy.  Unlike the Bean, Hais is fit.  Soon after our first trip to Dancer 61, Hais was picked to play for the planet’s footie team in the interplanetary league, against adults.  She soon showed that she could totally outclass better players than me.

It’s easy to be jealous of somebody like Hais, who’s both fit and brainy, but it’s impossible to dislike Hais.  She never brags. She’s always quiet and friendly.  I wouldn’t call her pretty, but it would be easy to fancy her.  And a waste of time.  The Bean reckons she has a boyfriend – Zeem, who also plays in the Dancer 61 footie team.

On Ikutiki 2, Hais said:  “Do you know, Bea, we’re so lucky to be able to do this.  Think of it.  We’re on a planet at the edge of the known part of the galaxy, sitting halfway up a long flight of steps.  Troubleshooting’s a wonderful job.” Hais, in the Bean’s Report F.  The Bean would never say that, although she agrees with it (now).  But I know what Hais meant: it’s sky-high to see all the different planets.

Hais was with us on the missions on Oo-Olli 10 (See Report 9) and Sol 3 (See Report 12).  When the star player in the Galling 12 footie team kept taking ill during home games, Hais and I were sent to investigate.  See Report 25.

When three little Squifflies reported that their parents hadn’t come back from exploring caves on Hi-Hi 5, Hais and I happened to be free, so we went to look for them.  See Report 20.

When a young Fazgo 15 footie player vanished a few days before an important match, the team coach appealed to Hais for help.  When Hais vanished too, the Bean and I went to look for her.  See Report 47.

Hais helped the Bean with some of the reports about the Federation.  See the Bean’s Reports E,F.