Ikutiki 2

Before the Bean and Hais went to Ikutiki 2, Miyim showed a picture of the surface.  It looked like flat farmland with small fields – and a huge peak of bare, cream-coloured rock.
Miyim ordered,  “Show us a closer picture of the Temple.”
The huge rock peak filled the screen.  Miyim explained,  “The natives have hollowed their temple from the summit of that peak.”  The top of the peak was like a cooking pot (without a lid).  They’d left a rim round the edge, as the wall of the temple.
Miyim went on,  “Do you see the courtyard at the bottom?  The small patch, with the low wall round it.  You may just see the stairs, going up the rock from there to the temple.” See the Bean’s Report F.

While they were preparing to visit Ikutiki 2, the Bean asked:  “Miyim, what’s the climate on Ikutiki 2 like?  Should we wear expedition suits?”
“If you intend to go out during the night, I would advise it.  Ikutiki 2 is warm during the day, but cold at night.” See the Bean’s Report F.