Ixi Ixo 9

The Bean and I went with Talypso to search for her dad, who went missing among the piled rocks of Ixi Ixo 9.

This planet, Ixi Ixo 9, was uninhabited.  I’d seen an aerial photo of the place we were exploring.  Rocks, most of them bigger than cars, were piled in a huge, untidy heap, leaving lots of funny-shaped gaps between them.  Over our uniforms, we were wearing tough suits, to protect us from the rough rock. See Report 54.

Under the rocks, we found a huge cave.  The walls and ceiling must’ve been luminite, because they had the same ghostly glow.  I wouldn’t say the place was as light as day, but we could see everything clearly.
It was an amazing place.  The floor of the cave had huge fields – ankle-high walls containing endless rows of things like glowing coconuts.  Moving among them were weird animals, or people.
See Report 54.