kit trolley

A kit trolley is a big metal box about 1 metre long, ¾ metre wide, and ¾ metre high, on rubber-tyred wheels about 20 centimetres across.  The top is higher than my waist.  It has a handle on each end, and long half-lids that fold out, to hang down the sides.  It’s mainly used for carrying luggage, such as kit for expeditions.

You often see people pushing kit trolleys in communication centres.  So often that no one worries what might be in them.  A kit trolley is big enough to hold an unconscious body, as Tony showed on Farhoy 12 (See Report 11) and Snale proved on Vinson 5 (See Report 40).

By chance, we’ve also found kit trolleys being used to carry water on two planets – Oo-Olli 10 (See Report 9), and E-Dry 1 (See Report 17).