Margeret Trent

sex : female.
age : 43.
native planet : Sol 3.
That’s my mum.

She started to train as a Federation agent, but it didn’t work out.  See Report C.

She and Dad know I work for the Federation, but they think I spend my time in an office on Yband 4.  I don’t tell Mum how often I visit other planets, in case she tries to stop me, like she did when we were on the Sol 3 job.  See Report 12.

She trained as an accountant, and worked in a bank before she married Dad.  When I was born, she stopped work, to look after me.  She hasn’t started again, although, since Susan went to school, she’s done a few jobs.

Mum is the fussy type.  She likes everything tidy, down to the last detail, so I’m not always her favourite person.