sex : male.
age : 35.
native planet : Yband 4, but his grandparents were born on Sol 3.
Martin is the Troubleshooters leader.

We first met Martin when he led an investigation/raid on Dancer 88.  See Report 6.

Martin’s kind-of average in height, with short dark hair and a cheerful face.  He’s easy-going, but he flares up when he’s angry.  We’ve seen that once or twice but, when things were settled, he forgot it.

I like Martin.  So I should, because it was his idea to start the Troubleshooters.  See Report 26.

Martin’s a good leader.  He doesn’t give us lots of orders.  He trusts us to decide what to do.

Martin spends most of his time in his office on Yband 4.  He has to arrange Troubleshooters missions, and be there, in case we need help.  In an emergency, like the Naxi 17 mission, he comes out to help.  See Report 19.