sex : female.
age : 15 (the Bean’s guess).
native planet : unknown.
Miyim, Cabac’s daughter, was commander of the base on Ikutiki 4.

Cabac proudly told the Bean and Hais:  “My daughter, Miyim, is commander of the Federation base on Ikutiki 4.  When she completed her training, she became an Administrator, and was appointed assistant commander of the big base on Chuindo 5.  The commander was so impressed with her work that he recommended she should be given command of a base, although she was much younger than most base commanders.” Cabac, in the Bean’s Report F.

She was waiting for them on Ikutiki 4.  Miyim was the same shape as her father – four stumpy legs at the bottom, and four long bendy arms near the top.  But her skin was paler brown, and less wrinkled.  The purple band on her clean uniform said,  “Miyim 353.”  She looked small in the big, empty waiting room. See the Bean’s Report F.