Pigmentol changes the colour of your skin.  Federation Scientists have produced a hundred different pills containing pigmentol.  They look like white buttons, with a (Federation) number on them.  You choose the colour you want to be, take the corresponding pill, and, in about six hours, your skin has changed to that colour.  Victor says it changes back again in about twenty days, but I’ve always taken a pill to change me back again before that time.

I can never decide if Hais is dark brown with a red tinge, or dark red with a brown tinge.  When we wanted to make a secret visit to Dancer 61, Hais’s planet, we took the pill numbered 78.  See Report 6.

When Hais and Chip (her sister) came to visit us in Scotland, they took pill 07, so that they could go out without being stared at.  See Report 12.

When we made our secret visit to Wotzit 4, we took pigmentol pill 42, giving us the dark coffee-coloured skin of the natives.  See Report 10.