A Pilot is an agent who controls a spaceship.  Pilots’ uniforms have pale blue bands round the chest and cuffs.

If Victor knows the exact position of a landing site, he can take a ship there without help, but Federation rules say that every ship must have a trained Pilot for every flight.  A Pilot may not leave his ship, except at a spaceport, or in an emergency.

After we’d finished our training, Jade, our friend, stayed at the college to train as a Pilot.  She now pilots the ship that’s based on Yband 4, for local trips in the Yband system.  She makes most trips between Yband 4 and the prison on  Yband 5.

Other agents may have trained as Pilots.  Wellington, the local Investigators’ commander, owns a planet-hopper, and pilots it himself.  He piloted the ship when we went to look for Tony on Gyit 22.  See Report 27.

Bernard, an Investigator, piloted our ship to Teapot 11 (See Report 5) and Lichu, an Administrator, piloted us around the Dancer system (See Report 6).