sex : male.
age : 14.
native planet : Dancer 61.
Royne was Chip’s older brother.

Falcon and I had a dramatic meeting with Royne on Dancer 88.  A boy staggered out of the transporter, gasping noisily, while his mind screamed with pain.  My brain couldn’t stand it.  I sank onto the seat on the other side of the corridor, covering my face with my hands.
The agony died, fading like the glow of an electric fire when it’s switched off.  I took a couple of deep breaths while the echoes of that pain rang in my head.
“Tony, give a hand.”  Falcon’s voice roused my mind.  The boy had collapsed, and Falcon was kneeling beside him.  Together, we rolled the limp body onto its back.
He looked about my age.  His skin was bright red-brown.  He had a round face and black hair, cut short.  He wore a faded blue sweatshirt and matching trousers.  His pulse was strong, as far as I could tell. See Report 6.