Shuttles are used for journeys between planets that are far apart.

A shuttle is a metal room the same size as a transporter – 2¼ metres long, 2 metres wide, and 2¼ metres high.  The door is in the middle of one side.  The other side has two bunks, one above the other.  You go inside, close the door, lie on a bunk, and tell the shuttle which planet you want to go to.

Shuttles combine a large number of transporter hops.  That disturbs your insides, so the shuttle puts you to sleep for the trip, and for an hour afterwards, to let you recover.

Shuttles transport their passengers through 5D.

We often use shuttles.  Our most common shuttle trip is between Yband 4 (which has Federation headquarters, where we work) and Vinson 5 (which has the nearest shuttle station to Earth).