Simon Harrison

sex : male.
age : 41.
native planet : Sol 3.
Simon’s my uncle – Mum’s brother and the Bean’s father’s brother.  He’s a Federation agent – an Administrator, and commander of the secret Earth base of the Galactic Federation.

I always liked Simon.  Before I knew his real job, I wished I could see him more often, but he always seemed to be away, at work.

When the Bean and I accidentally discovered the Earth base, Cavine asked us to go to Xavu 6, to look for Simon.  See Report 1.

As we came home from Xavu 6, Simon was sent on an urgent mission, to Didgery 2.  Since he couldn’t leave us, he had to take us with him.  See Report 2.

We worked with Simon on the Sol 3 mission.  See Report 12.

Simon meant to come with us to Eaglesham Tor, but he couldn’t find anybody to look after the base.  See Report 32.