Sol 3

This, of course, is the Federation name for the Earth.

Sol 3 has never had a chance to join the Galactic Federation, because only peaceful planets are invited to join.

Sol 3 is the only non-Federation planet that has a Federation base.  That’s because the Federation gets a lot of its agents from Earth, and that’s because young Earth people can sense the feelings of other races.  Snale told the Bean and Hais how the Sol 3 base started.  See Report 40.

To reach the base from the surface of the Earth, you hit button 1 then button 3 in the lift in my Granny Harrison’s house, in the west end of Edinburgh, Scotland.

I think the base is actually underground at that place.  When you hit the buttons, you get the feeling of sinking fast, but not the twist inside, like you get in a transporter to another planet.

The Sol 3 base is off a typical Federation waiting room, which also has the entrance to its transporter corridor.  That has three doors – the lift to Granny Harrison’s house, the transporter to Egluob 3 (and the rest of the Federation) and a transporter to the London house, where an agent called Lithos lives.

Federation agents occasionally work (secretly) on Sol 3, like we did at Eaglesham Tor.  (See Report 32.)  Lithos passes on information to the police and the secret services, and they show their thanks by doing favours for Lithos.  I was glad of that during our Sol 3 mission.  See Report 12.

Simon, our uncle, is commander of the Sol 3 base, and his assistant is Cavine.

The Sol 3 comm centre is always quiet, but it may get busier, because they’re fitting another transporter – to Xavu 6, which joined the Federation after our mission there.  See Report 1.