sex : male.
age : about 30.
native planet : unknown.
The Seeker was the leader of a tribe in a ruined town on Wotzit 4

When we took the transporter to the planet, we met him.  The leader greeted us.  He was broad but not tall, with a round face and spiky black hair.  On his right cheek was the upside-down triangle, the symbol of their god.  He was wearing a brown, short-sleeved shirt, tucked into a thing like a kilt with a fringe.  He carried a pole with the upside-down triangle on the top. See Report 10.

This is what I said about him.  The Seeker was wearing a friendly beam, but the mind behind it was ruthless.  I wasn’t sure if I’d like to be his friend, but I knew I wouldn’t like to be his enemy. See Report 10.