sex : male.
age : 13.
native planet : Sol 3.
That’s me.  I’m a Troubleshooter for the Galactic Federation.

I would love to say I’m fit, bright and handsome, but I try to be honest in these reports.  I’m an ordinary Scottish boy – maybe a bit fitter and brighter than the average in my class at school on Earth.  When girls look at me, they don’t gasp with horror – or admiration.

I suppose I should say that Earth children can sense the feelings of other races – and I’m the best at that.  I’m not boasting; I didn’t do anything to get it; it just happened.  It’s sometimes a pest.  A busy comm centre is a bit of a nightmare, with people’s thoughts bombarding my mind from all sides.  I’ve got used to that, but I’m also called to help to question captured crooks, because I can tell when they’re lying.  After three or four hours concentrating on that, my mind is totally knackered.  I’m only fit to collapse on my bunk.

Before I started working for the Federation, I lived with my dad (Alec), mum (Margaret) and little sister (Susan) in Milton Avon, West Lothian, west of Edinburgh, Scotland.  Now I spend more time at the local Federation headquarters on Yband 4, where I have a cabin.

Since I’ve made comments about other people, I should record what they’ve said about me.

Mum says there are three kinds of people in the world.  Sensible ones, who think first, and act afterwards.  Rash ones, who act first, and think afterwards.  And me, who acts first, and never thinks at all.

When Martin suggested starting the Troubleshooters, he said,  “During their training, these two agents, Bea and Tony, have shown the abilities needed for the new team.  They are gifted at sensing the thoughts of other races, and they have proved that they can work successfully together.” Martin, in Report 26.

This is what Wellington said.  “The boy is unreliable.  It would be foolish to send him to a planet that already has problems.  He is more likely to make them worse.  He is too impulsive to be a good agent.” Wellington, in Report 26.