This is more like a big 4×4 than an Earth tractor.  The body, usually of clear plastic, is about as wide as an Earth bus, but only half as long, with a single seat facing the control column in the middle of the front.  The smallest tractor wheels I’ve seen were about as high as my waist, and the biggest were as high as me, with chunky tyres.

The inside of the tractor may have rows of seats (for passengers), empty space (for loads) or big armchairs and tables (for wealthy owners).

On one of our first missions, I was stranded on Jinji 5, about two kilometres from safety.  The ground was rough – a jumble of huge rocks.  I had the choice of walking or using a tractor.  I took the tractor, and drove it most of the way back – until I hit one of the biggest rocks.  See Report 8.