sex : male (probably).
age : impossible to guess.
native planet : Verdiat 2.
V-Q-Y was a messenger, probably a leader, from Verdiat 2.

His friend, Verdiat-Quoomque-Badta, was with him.

The Bean and Hais were in Cabac’s office when they barged in.  The door hummed open, and two square, four-wheeled trolleys came in, each carrying a grey plastic cylinder. The top was about level with my shoulders, and my hands might have met if I’d put my arms around it.  Not that I would.  Those cylinders are designed to protect people who can’t live in our conditions.  Usually, they can’t breathe the air, but some have trouble with temperature or gravity.  The cylinders have camera eyes.  The people inside use wrist units to communicate.  I sensed these ones were intelligent, and they thought they were important. See the Bean’s Report F.