Victor is the Federation computer, with terminals everywhere – in bases, offices and cabins.

I first spoke to him when I started my training on Yband 4.  He said:  “I’m an interactive unit.  Interactive.  That means you talk to me, and I talk to you.  I’m not just a pathetic little video unit.  What you’re looking at is only a terminal of the Federation computer – a huge brain.  Bigger than yours, for a start.”
“Thanks!”  I said.  “You got a name?”
“Yes.  Victor.  That stands for,  ‘Visual Information and Communication.’”
When he didn’t say any  more, I said,  “That’s only Vic.  What about the rest?”
“Vic!  Do you expect me to answer to a shortened name like Vic?  Only the scruffy lower classes use shortened names.”
“I use a shortened name.  My name is Anthony, but everybody calls me Tony.”
“You see!  That proves it.  Now, do you want to ask something, or are you going to waste my time chattering all evening?” See Report 3.

Victor is often cheeky to young agents.

Victor’s memory must be huge, because he keeps all the Federation records and reports.  The terminals have basic data.  If you want more, you may have to wait a few seconds for the information to come from the main memory.