sex : male.
age : 43.
native planet : Yband 4.
Wellington, based on Yband 4, is commander of the Sector 17 Investigators.

He’s a tall, broad-shouldered man, with short, dark hair.  I think he was born on Yband 4, but his parents were Sol 3 British. Since I assume he chose his name from the Duke and not the boot, he must know British history.

We know Wellington’s about the same age as Mum and Uncle Richard, because they started training at the same time.  See Report C.

We first met Wellington when we went to Yband 4 for our training.  See Report 3.  When the trouble started, I tried to explain to him, but he wouldn’t listen.  I was right, and he was wrong – badly wrong.  Since then, he’s never liked me, so I’ve never liked him.

When Martin suggested forming the Troubleshooters, Wellington persuaded Obsidian not to do it.  When I got Obsidian to change his mind, that didn’t make Wellington love me more.  See Report 26.

Wellington disgraced himself in the Agla 5 mission, but I didn’t blame him for that.  See Report 11.

When we first met Wellington, his rank was 755, but, thanks to the mistakes he’s made, it’s now down to 677.  He must’ve been a good commander but, when I’m around, he seems to think with his mouth, not his brain.  I honestly don’t think it’s my fault.

When I was in trouble on Gyit 22, he did his duty.  He came to rescue me.  He got caught, and we had to work together to escape.  See Report 27.  Since then, he’s been quieter.  We still don’t like each other, but we rub along.

When we completed our training, the Bean said:  “I don’t like the idea of working for Wellington.  He’s not a nice person.”
“Not nice!”  I said.  “He’s a big-headed….”  I stopped, because she wouldn’t’ve liked what I wanted to say. See Report 26.

I’ve said:  He’s a big man, and I think he’s got a big mouth, maybe because, when I’m around, it’s always open, shouting at me. See Report 41.