Wotzit 4

I always called it Wotzit 4, but its real name was Wolxit 4.

Martin told us,  “Wolxit 4 once had a great civilisation, but a disease wiped out the people.  The planet lay unoccupied for thousands of years.  Then, nearly three hundred years ago, the sea flooded the lands of two tribes on Karpa 7.  The rest of their country was already overcrowded, so the Federation moved them, along with their crops and animals, to Wolxit 4.  They settled in the ruins of the old buildings, and cleared the land for farming. Martin, in Report 10.

The people were human-like:  The people stood in small groups, staring at us.  They were the colour of milky coffee, paler than their loose brown shirts and kilts.  All except the youngest kids had the dark brown upside-down triangle on their right cheeks.  They gave us friendly smiles, but looked in admiration at the Seeker. See Report 10.

During our mission on Wotzit 4, we met Naian, the Seeker, Stobo, Illish, Grite and Foofoffo.