Yband 4

The sun’s name sounds like ‘Wye-band.’

Yband 4 had a big population, until about 400 years ago.  Trying to improve the climate, the people slowed the rotation of the planet.  They were too successful.  It now rotates once a year, so it keeps the same side facing Yband, its sun.  Chemical reactions removed most of the oxygen from the air.

The people couldn’t start it rotating again, even with the help of the best Federation Scientists, so they had to move to a new planet.  Yband 4 is now like a ghost planet, with cities, towns and farms, falling into ruin.

The first Federation Sector 17 headquarters were on Yband 4, beside one of their big cities.  When the people left Yband 4, the Federation built new headquarters, on the night side.  It’s a huge place, made of 289 blocks, including cabins and offices, college, store, stadium, hospital and swimming baths.

Between missions, the Bean and I sometimes go home, and sometimes live on Yband 4, where we have cabins.