sex : male.
age : 60 (the Bean’s guess).
native planet : probably not Sol 3.
Zacchaeus, based on Yband 4,  is the Federation’s membership officer for Sector 17.

Grenville didn’t think much of him, as he told the Bean and Hais.  “Zacchaeus is the Federation’s membership officer.  Just ‘cos he’s got a title, he thinks he’s king of the galaxy.  Stuck-up little….  Apologies, ladies.” Grenville, in the Bean’s Report F.

Angela was more tactful.  “He is fussy.  He’s one of those little men who always seem busy, but never do much.  I’m sorry; forget I said that.  I suspect that Cabac, his assistant, does most of the work.  He’s the one you should see, but you’ll offend Zacchaeus if you don’t ask him.” Angela, in the Bean’s Report F.

This is how the Bean described him.  Zacchaeus was human-like, but I wouldn’t have known that when I first saw him.  He looked like a grey toad, hunched in the command chair.  He was short and fat, with a wrinkled face.  Beady black eyes peered between folds of skin.  Dark grey hair fringed a bald patch.  He wore a dark grey tracksuit, not a uniform.  He barked, not in English, into a wrist unit,  “Close the door.” The Bean’s Report F.