5. TONY : Who do you most admire?

Admire?  My dictionary says that means,  ‘have a high opinion of.’  Then the person I admire most is my dad.  Mum?  I admire her most of the time, but not when she nags me about working harder at school, or keeping my room tidy.  If you mean who do I admire most in the Federation, I must admit I admire the Bean for her brains.  I also admire Martin, our leader, but the one I admire most is probably Obsidian, the local agents’ commander.  He has a big job, and it must be a difficult one, but he always seems to have time to listen to us.  He’s always calm.  If I did something that could make him angry, he would say he was disappointed in me – and I’d feel worse than after Mum’s most violent telling-off.  And it wouldn’t stop Obsidian giving me a punishment.