This is not the name of a person, but a title.  It means ‘most mighty and wise ruler’ in the language of Otmud 18.  The people on that planet are expert miners.  Tribes of them go to other planets on mining jobs.  Each tribe is ruled by a Palliwalliokie.

The Bean and I met our first Palliwalliokie on Jinji 5, when a shuttle broke down, and stranded us there.  That Palliwalliokie was a good ruler – patient, but not soft-hearted.  She did her best to help us.  See Report 8.

We met another Palliwalliokie on Elevan 5.  He was a little old man with a wrinkled face, and hair like copper wire.  He was wearing a white robe, tied at the waist and elbows with royal blue tape.  He was also wearing a grumpy expression. He was neither patient nor soft-hearted.  He helped us – in a way.  See Report 46.