11. BEA : Do your parents know what you do?

Do they know you sometimes hit trouble?  (Mo.)

That’s an awkward question.  My dad and Tony’s mum started training to be agents, but gave up.  See Report C.  They were being trained for an office job.  When we asked to go for training, they (reluctantly ) agreed, thinking we’d be in an office too.  By the time I realised that, we’d done some missions.  I thought we were doing a useful job, but my conscience bothered me.  At the end of the school summer holidays, our parents held a meeting to decide our future.  Should we continue as Federation agents, or should we return to Earth, to school?  Tony was keen to be an agent, and persuaded his parents to agree.  I did try to tell Dad we went on missions as Troubleshooters, but I’m not sure if he was paying attention: he was concentration on persuading me to live on Earth.  It’s all in Report 57.