15. DOC Y : Write a story about football.

This arose from a comment I received. It was so interesting that I’ve turned it into a question so that I can discuss it here. I can’t give the boy’s name without his permission, but, if he e-mails me with permission, I’ll put his name above.

His actual message was: I want to give you an idea for a story. It’s the day of an alien footy match and, in the team that Tony and Bea support, the captain goes missing.

The good news is that I’ve already used the idea in two stories. Bea’s friend, Hais, is the star player of the Dancer 61 football team. She went missing before a table-top clash. That’s in Story 47. You can read more about it under STORIES.

The bad news is that Story 47 is only 14 000 words long – less than half the length of a normal book. So I don’t know how or when you’ll be able to read it.

There’s football too in Story 25. In it, the star player of the Galling 12 team becomes ill during matches. You can also read about it in STORIES.

The old Story 42 (Trouble with the Friends of Fate), also has a Federation football match. I decided it was really part of Bea’s report of her visit to the new observatory on Dancer 61. At present, I expect it to be Report I.

One last comment, which I’m sorry to make. Authors are advised not to take ideas for stories from other people. I’m really sorry about that. When anyone is interested enough to send an idea, I would like to use it. But I suppose the other person might claim some of the profit from the book. Of course, I’m not suggesting that in this case. What I am saying is that I’m always glad to hear from readers, but I can’t use any suggestions for stories.